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You’ve probably heard the terms ‘personal injury,’ but do you know what that means? A personal injury is the legal jargon that refers to an injury to a person rather than their property. The injuries are often a result of someone else’s actions, and lawsuits often result from these incidents. Personal injuries can result from motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, work accidents, and more. Regardless of the cause of the injuries, seeing a chiropractor immediately following your accident will greatly improve your chances of making a full recovery and lessen the likelihood of long-lasting joint and soft tissue damage.

Chiropractors are often one of the most sought-out practitioners by victims of personal injury accidents because of the array of services they offer for treating injuries. In addition to decreasing your recovery time and improving your well-being, your personal injury chiropractor can provide valuable input for determining the amount of monetary compensation you receive if you decide to file a lawsuit. It is very common for personal injury accidents to affect the neck, spine, joints, and soft tissue. Even if you don’t have symptoms immediately after your accident, your chiropractor will perform a full assessment to disclose any injuries you may not be aware of and treat them to avoid future complications.

Types of Personal Injuries/Accidents:

There are several common types of accidents and injuries that constitute personal injuries. These accidents may present no symptoms in the beginning or a full variety of symptoms including stiffness, loss of mobility, discomfort, pain, and more. Common types of personal injury accidents include:

Millions of people are injured in motor vehicle accidents each year. These accidents involve motorcycles, cars, trucks, pedestrians, bicycles, and more and can result in a variety of injuries including back and neck injuries, broken bones, soft tissue injuries and even death.

Accidents involving motor vehicles and bicycles are responsible for over 90 percent of bicycle accident-related deaths. Those that don’t result in a fatality often result in catastrophic injury simply because motor vehicles are larger, faster, and heavier than a bicycle. Common causes of these accidents include vehicles cutting off bicycles on the roadway, rear end accidents, and car drivers opening doors in the path of the bicyclist. Bicycle accidents may also occur without the involvement of motor vehicles due to improperly maintained roadways, defective bicycles, animal attacks, and collisions with pedestrians and other bicyclists.

Boat drivers, just like the drivers of motor vehicles, are liable for any negligent actions they make that result in accidents. A boat crash, for example, may occur if a boat driver drives their boat into yours while traveling too fast in a no wake zone, or if a boat runs into a swimmer in an area the boat isn’t supposed to be traveling.

Ridesharing refers to using an app, such as Uber or Lyft, to summon a driver to take you someplace in their personal vehicle. It has become an incredibly popular service due to convenience, relatively low cost, and ease of use. However, just like getting into any other vehicle, there is a risk of accidents when traveling in a rideshare vehicle.

Motorcycle accidents between motorcycles and vehicles often occur due to the motor vehicle driver’s inattentiveness or carelessness. Severe injuries and lawsuits may result from these accidents that happen off and on the road.

When someone is injured while working for their employer, they are typically not allowed to file a personal injury lawsuit against their employer. Instead, they must file a Workers’ Compensation claim. These claims typically pay for the same types of medical treatments that would be paid for by a personal injury lawsuit.

Business owners and property owners have a legal obligation to keep their property free of hazards and safe so that people aren’t injured. The exact liability of the landowner depends on the situation and laws in that specific state, but treatment for injuries that occur may be covered by personal injury claims.

The negligence of medical professionals including doctors, therapists, nurses, and more can result in serious injuries. There are a variety of types of medical malpractice, but many medical malpractice injuries can be treated by a personal injury chiropractor.

Commercial vehicle accidents are a lot more common than you may realize. Truck accidents may result when drivers travel too fast for road conditions, when the driver hasn’t taken the required minimum rest period, and more. These injuries can be catastrophic, but treatment is often covered by a personal injury claim.

How a Chiropractor Can Help with Personal Injuries & Accidents

Your Body, Your Way

Personal injury accidents can result in a variety of injuries. The good news though is that chiropractic treatment can often help speed up the recovery process and lessen the likelihood that you will sustain long-term complications. Here are some of the most common injuries that occur during personal injuries and accidents that your chiropractor may be able to help you with.

Together, we will create a personalized treatment plan catered to YOUR body, YOUR pain points and YOUR speed. What is right for one won’t be right for another.

The spine is made up of a bundle of nerves that run down the middle of the back. These nerves carry signals back and forth from the body to the brain. Injuries to the spinal cord can prevent these signals from being sent and may result in partial or complete paralysis in severe situations.

Whiplash is a common personal injury condition that may be short-term or become chronic. Collisions, falls, and other impacts such as occur in contact sports may result in the rapid jerking motion to the head and neck causing this type of neck injury. Symptoms may include neck pain and tenderness, dizziness, headaches, numbness and tingling in the arms or legs, and decreased range of motion in the neck.

Car accidents, slip and fall accidents, and work injuries are just some of the personal injuries that can result in back pain. Fortunately, chiropractic adjustments and other chiropractic treatments can treat these issues and restore function.

Accidents can affect the body in a variety of ways. Leg pain, including hip, knee, and foot pain, is a common injury during personal injury accidents. This pain may be due to injuries to the spine, joints, or soft tissues.

Soft tissues connect and support bones, organs, and other bodily structures. Soft tissues include ligaments, fascia, muscles, tendons, nerves, and more. They are often injured through blunt force or strain, which can occur in a variety of types of accidents. This may result in pain, bruising, swelling, tears, or more significant injuries.

If a joint sustains heavy impact, which can occur during an accident or bad fall, cartilage may be damaged. There are several treatments your personal injury chiropractor may be able to use to help restore function and promote healing when these injuries occur.

Nerves are fragile and easily damaged by stretching, pressure, or cutting. If a nerve is injured, it can keep signals from being sent to and from the brain and other parts of the body. This can result in loss of feeling in some areas, muscles not working properly and more.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Personal Injuries & Accidents

After a personal injury accident, people often think that medications and surgery are their only options for eliminating pain. However, chiropractic treatment is a less invasive and often less expensive, and in some cases a more effective alternative to traditional medicine. Many times, injuries don’t cause symptoms until days or weeks after an accident but seeking treatment from a chiropractor immediately after your accident can catch these injuries early and keep symptoms at bay. Benefits of seeing a chiropractor after a personal injury or accident include improved flexibility, restoration of movement, decreased inflammation, reduction of muscle spasms and pain, restoration of muscle tone and strength, reduction of scar tissue, and a decreased recovery time.

Common Questions About Personal Injuries, Accidents and Chiropractic

The term ‘personal injury’ encompasses any type of incident that physically, psychologically, or emotionally damages a person. This may include acute injuries that leave you unable to work, chronic pain conditions, or short-term injuries that cause significant pain and loss of abilities. Examples include whiplash, slip and fall accidents, car accidents, workplace injuries, and more.

If your injury or accident moved a joint or vertebra out of alignment, chiropractic treatments can put them back into the right place to alleviate symptoms. Your chiropractor will examine your musculoskeletal system for herniated or bulging discs, misalignments, pinched nerves, and tissue damage then target treatments to address the cause to help alleviate the pain and symptoms caused by these issues and promote healing throughout the whole body.

If you were the at fault party, you should still have a chiropractor evaluate your condition. Just because you were at fault doesn’t mean you should suffer. Often even when a person is at fault, they still do not pay out of pocket for their own care. Most auto insurance companies offer coverage for necessary medical treatments with no copay or deductible.

Victims of personal injury accidents usually don’t have any upfront cost for their care. Our office will coordinate benefits with the liability insurance of the at-fault party or will work with any involved attorneys to make your treatment as seamless as possible. The last thing you should have to worry about is the cost for your care. We want you to be able to focus only on your recovery.

Not all injuries will rear their ugly heads immediately after an accident. Damage to soft tissue, joints, and muscles may have occurred with no immediate symptoms. Whiplash is a common post-accident injury and symptoms often take days or weeks to appear. For your own safety, and for legal documentation of your injuries, it is best to seek immediate medical attention after any type of personal injury or accident.

When a personal injury or accident occurs, joints, tendons, ligaments, and soft tissue may be damaged or torn resulting in pain or stiffness. Our personal injury chiropractors offer a number of treatments to help alleviate these symptoms and encourage the natural healing processes of the body.

Even if you were checked out at the scene of the accident, you are encouraged to visit a chiropractor right away. A chiropractor specializes in spinal injuries and soft tissue damage, common injuries that occur during a personal injury or accident. Many attorneys recommend that their clients visit a chiropractor because they specialize in the ailments that affect victims of these cases.

Personal Injury Chiropractic Treatment in Tustin

Even if you think your injury is minor, or you think you haven’t been injured at all, it is essential that you seek the care of a personal injury chiropractor. Early treatment makes it easier to diagnose and treat any injuries so you can move forward with your life. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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