Welcome to Vitality Medical Center

During your new patient evaluation, we will determine 3 things:
What is the
underlying issue?
Is that a problem
we can help?
What will it take
to get you better?


What to expect during your new patient evaluation:

Your initial visit is designed for our doctors to learn about your health history, objectives, and conduct a thorough exam to identify what may be causing any problems you have and what it will take to get better. You will be taken to an examination room where one of our chiropractors will review your health history with you and discuss your past and present health challenges, along with your health goals.
Once we understand your history, concerns, and health goals, your chiropractor will perform a thorough examination to figure out exactly what is going on with you and the true causes of your challenges and pain. The first part of the exam will include physical examinations including a pain and mobility evaluation, full spinal analysis, examination of reflexes, and orthopedic and neurological tests to assess your muscle tone and strength, range of motion of affected body parts, and neurological integrity.
Diagnostic studies, such as digital x-rays, may also be helpful in identifying any structural abnormalities or pathologies to more accurately diagnose your condition. While an x-ray will help view the bones, it doesn’t help study soft tissues. If soft tissue damage is suspected, such as a torn muscle, nerve compression, or disc problem, it’s possible an MRI scan may be recommended.
Once the exam is finished and your chiropractor has reviewed all of the diagnostic tests & scans, they will be able to determine how your condition will respond to chiropractic care or other treatment. During your second visit, the doctor will review the findings from all of the tests and x-rays or scans with you. They will explain your diagnosis, what your specific chiropractic adjustment plan (or other recommended treatment plan) will be, as well as the anticipated length of your treatments.
Treatment may begin during your first visit for severe cases, although treatment often occurs during the next appointment after the doctor is able to review your diagnostic test results. Treatment may include spinal manipulation or adjustments, strengthening or stretching exercises, patient education, or one of our many regenerative medicine options. You’ll receive a custom treatment plan based on the doctor’s findings. They will thoroughly explain all treatment options and help you decide which options are best for you.


We look forward to your first visit at our office! In an effort to assist our patients with having a convenient, positive, and efficient chiropractic experience, we have provided online access to our required registration forms.

Please complete our online patient intake form prior to your first appointment. Please give us as much detail as possible about your health so our team can best serve your healthcare needs. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time with questions or concerns.

Common Questions For New Patients

In most situations you will be fully clothed while the chiropractor makes the adjustments. There are, however, some treatments where you may need to change into some provided clothing. In order to get the most benefits from your treatment, you should wear comfortable clothing that is easy to manipulate. We recommend loose fitting clothing.
It’s a good idea to eat a little before your session because low blood sugar may increase your sensitivity to treatment and make you feel faint. However, we don’t recommend eating a heavy meal.
Many people worry that their first visit will be painful. Fortunately, in most cases, adjustments are not painful, although they may be a bit uncomfortable or awkward if you are not used to having your body be manipulated in this manner. Some people report slight soreness following an adjustment, but this usually resolves itself quickly.
Not everyone reacts the same, but for most, the effects of an adjustment are felt immediately. Misalignments, called subluxations, often restrict normal nerve flow. After an adjustment, this nerve flow returns to normal and many people report feeling more relaxed, flexible, and more energized.

Amazingly, some two-thirds of patients report feeling immediate improvement after just one adjustment. Most of the rest of our patients will notice results within the first one to three weeks.

Feel Better Faster.

The first step to feeling better and living the life you deserve is to come into our office for a full exam and consultation.

Every person is different, and we do our best to help you when you come to our office. We provide personalized care that is tailored specifically to your situation, and encourage you to see how we have helped other patients.