Fibroblast in Tustin

The PlasM Plasma Pen Fibroblast treatment is a safe and effective non-surgical lifting and tightening procedure which offers similar results to traditional surgery but without the high risks, cost and downtime.

PlasM is successfully used to treat lines and wrinkles, loose skin on face and body, scarring, stretch marks as well as benign raised skin lesions. Fibroblast skin tightening can be performed virtually anywhere on the body, which makes it one of the best Non-Surgical procedures in the medical aesthetic industry for skin tightening.

Conditions That Can Be Treated With Fibroblast Treatment:

Common Questions About Fibroblast Treatments

Plasma fibroblast therapy uses a pen-like device that discharges a high-frequency electric current to small areas of the skin without directly touching the skin. The hot current creates small holes, or micro-injuries, in the skin’s layers.

The pen uses a metal probe to ionize atmospheric gas between its tip and the gasses that the skin naturally emits. This forms a plasma charge.

An electrical arc is then created, shrinking the targeted skin. Your tissues will retract and tighten, providing you with a more youthful-looking appearance.

Immediately after the treatment small brown dots (carbon crusts) will be noticeable and stay for about 5-14 days before they come off and expose fresh new skin beneath. Redness and swelling, are completely normal and should subside within a few days (2-5) after the treatment, redness or pinkness of the new skin may last for up to 8 weeks or until the skin has completely healed and the collagen and elastin fibers are replaced.

Redness that lasts longer than 8 weeks is very rare but possible.

Skin elasticity and tightening will continue to improve as time goes on post-treatment, and your skin continues to heal and repair.

Results vary with each individual but most patients only require 1-3 treatments..

Deeper wrinkles, expression lines and excessive loose skin usually require a touch-up procedure.

Most people will see fairly significant results after the first treatment, and if additional treatments are required, they can be performed around 10-12 weeks after the original treatment.

A topical anesthetic is applied to the area to be treated as the procedure can be a little uncomfortable. A slight burning sensation can be felt as the skin becomes heated.

Immediately after the Fibroblast procedure, you may notice that your skin is red and slightly swollen. This is normal and should subside in around three days. Though you may see a slight redness lingering for up to 14 days.

While the procedure is underway, carbon crusts form on the skin. You should avoid the urge to touch these crusts post-procedure. They’ll naturally lift off approximately after a week as new skin appears underneath the treated area.

Reclaim Your Skin Confidence at Vitality Medical Center

Excess skin is very common. People of all ages, races, shapes, and sizes have loose skin. Despite its prevalence, having sagging skin can cause embarrassment and discomfort but it doesn’t have to.

Fibroblast treatments can take care of your skin concerns by providing similar results to surgical skin tightening procedures without the hassle of having to go under the knife. These non-surgical but highly effective treatments will be performed by a trained healthcare professional who wants to achieve the best results.

If you live or work in Tustin, or nearby areas of Orange County including Irvine or Santa Ana, call the office or book an appointment online to learn more about how you can reclaim your skin confidence with fibroblast treatments.